Quick Ship – Cut, Strip & Crimp


Quick Ship – Cut, Strip, & Crimp

Wire Leads are the most basic form of wire processing.  The assembly consists of wire cut to length, stripped and crimped or terminated on one or both ends.  This simplicity leads many companies to purchase hand tools to do their own processing.  It seems simple however, it is the least likely method to produce repeatability and consistent quality, depending on an operator’s skill and attention to quality.  The process is laborious and slow resulting in a low number of crimps per hour.

Call WTS for a Crimp Inspection and Quotation

Do you know the quality of your in-house crimps or that of your current vendor?  You can call us for a quotation, or better yet, send us a sample of your current crimped products.  We will inspect the crimps and send you back a report with your quotation.


Automation and 100% Inspection

Before you consider purchasing a hand tool or to begin to semi-automate your process, please give us a call.  The money you will spend on setting up a quality wire processing assembly might be more wisely spend in other critical areas of your company.  We provide our customers with reliable and consistent lead wires that have been cut, stripped and crimped on an automated machine that 100% inspects the product.

Quick Ship Program – One Week Or Sooner

We have thousands of feet of wire in stock or a just-in-time shipment from our vendor to be able to offer a Quick Ship – Cut, Strip and Crimp Program.  You can specify the wire gauge, length, terminations, bagging and labeling.  Our customers are thrilled with this service as most of them do not want to invest in the automated equipment that will not stay busy in between jobs.

Working with the WTS team insures that you get the right product, fast and reliably.

WTS is ISO 9001:2008 certified.  We are UL, CSA and RoHs compliant.

WTS is a DBE/WBE company.

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